About us

LABORNA Gallery is a Romanian Contemporary Art Gallery, established in Bucharest, founded in 2013, at the initiative of Ciprian Paleologu.

LABORNA Gallery marks the monthly professional individual artistic performance. The presentations for the general public called BORNE (« MILESTONES ») preserve the artist’s/ collector’s activity over a fixed period of time with the intention to reveal a complete and complex artists archive, more than claiming to show a conventional “exhibition”. We dedicated a specific space: Scara / The Ladder for young emerging artists.

The public is used to the « purged » version both to the artist’s vision as well as the collector’s, passed through a series of filters – exhibition concept, project analysed, redefined, and « wrapped » in the « spectacular -viewing » form, museum, antique collections, etc. The access to the laboratory of the artist or the collector’s is fairly rare, the full perspective which his vision is built on being most often difficult to follow.

That is why we can say that LABORNA Galley is in fact like a meter: creation and collection in real time. We offer to the viewer a “naked/ anatomical” vision in the act of creation.

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