LABORNA Gallery invites you on Tuesday, June 30, 2020, between 16: 00-21:00, to the opening of the exhibition: CRISTINA GARABEȚANU - OMNIPOTENT

LABORNA Gallery records the monthly professional development of the individual artistic approach. Public events, called BORNE, preserve what the artist / collector normally does, in a fixed period of time, with the intention of presenting a complete and complex archive, more than what an “exhibition” would entail. Starting with 2018, we started the series of individual Bornas (milestones ) focused on a unique vision.
CRISTINA GARABEȚANU is interested in the area between being, the unseen and their transposition into the physical world, into a phenomenon. The concept of Omnipotent is an aspect of nature in motion, in which various forms of confrontation, endurance and evolution are presented, under different states, all having roots of powerful reconfigura-tions. With a contour or free space, natural or controlled, the determining factors of the movement towards a new shape are a necessary phenomenon. As a parallel between the inner force and the force of nature, it is proposed to enhance a new self-representation.

The exhibition is open from June 30 to July 30, the gallery visiting schedule being: Wednesday – Saturday, 17.00-20:00. (outside the hours mentioned above, the exhibition can be visited by appointment at the telephone number 0758837488).

Due to the safety rules imposed by the authorities, it is necessary to wear a mask in the exhibition space of the gallery, as well as to observe the distance rules, and the gallery will provide visitors with disinfection solutions. ). Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you.
Contact: 0758837488


LABORNA Gallery was founded in 2013, at the initiative of Ciprian Paleologu. The cur-rent team consists of: Cristina Garabețanu, Ciprian Paleologu, Naiana Vatavu. The gal-lery has built a distinct space for young artists: SCARA.The public is accustomed to the “purified” version of both the artist’s and the collector’s vision, filtered by exhibition con-cept, project studied, reformulated and “packaged” in the form of “visible-spectacular”, museum, old collections, etc. Access to the artist’s or collector’s laboratory is rare, the complete perspective in which his vision is built is often difficult to follow. That is why we can say that the LABORNA Gallery is in fact a counter: creation and collection in real time

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