Cristina Garabețanu


When I experience the unpredictable imperfection of a reality I want to translate those feelings into form and color, something that can have its own life, endurance over time, and potentially transmitter. It’s like magic. Then comes the rest of the information. Accumulation, meditation, and translation. “

In her works, Cristina Garabețanu often uses narrative and lyricism to speak about her experiences and thoughts, reflected simultaneously in characters and landscapes, which emerge from their natural form in an embodiment of emotions and foreboding. Disturbing most of the time, It can be recognized the concern for human nature and its mysterious form. Cristina similarly combines seemingly incongruous, disparate reference points in his work often, inserting images from her own lived experience, dream, folklore and literary histories together into a single composition or concept.

The media used (be it photography, drawing, installation or painting), is often invaded by much affection and overwhelming sensitivity. “The individual perception is flexible, sometimes, in life, I have observed how the truth is left behind because of that wrong perception, resulting a reality that is highly deformed or on the contrary, idealized. The struggle that I present is about the very sincere approach and also the directing the inner states of sensations that are flowing like an avalanche.

Of all the elements of a content, I can only choose a few. I want those chosen components to be powerful, real and ruthless landmarks of emotion and reality.It’s lively here. It is full of significance and life. As much as I would stick to the inner wall, I cannot avoid being born again and again.”

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