Naiana Vatavu


I question the way people react to social pressure, taking into consideration autobiographical situations and self-reflection. The aim is finding the right medium of expression that can deliver a personal message to which people can relate.

In the Animus liber project, I contemplate ideas such as free will, the uniformity of social contexts and the profound connection between people`s perspective and personal beliefs and the way this impacts our perception and the attribution of meaning. In The Battles project my aim is to bring an artistic-archeological perspective to my work. I document in an ironic way certain conflicts, placing the time line in the past.

My main concern revolves around creating and presenting artifacts that belong to the present as if they would belong to the past. I’m interested more in traces of life, pieces of thoughts and shades of civilization, mostly our civilization – I contemplate and choose carefully the right mediums which can express the profound and universal thoughts that we dwell upon. The thoughts that trouble me are: the constant need for change, love, touch, conflict, the concept of luck (predetermination). The mediums I use are: drawing, painting and ceramic.

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