SCARA / The Ladder

LABORNA Gallery competition for young artists.
We are receiving portfolios for SCARA/ The Ladder, a space dedicated to emerging young artists.

For the next BORNA/ Milestone we invite the interested artists (students or graduates of art universities with the age until 33 years old) to send us, on our facebook account in a private message, or by mail at the following materials:

  • a short resume
  • 10 images with recent art works (created in the last year)
  • phone number and mail address
  • web site
  • the mention that he read and accepted the terms and conditions of the competition  


Terms & Conditions

Every artist selected for SCARA/ The Ladder space should agree with the following conditions:

The works exhibited in LABORNA Gallery space should be presented in a decent manner and to respect the safe rules of the gallery.

If a work is sold, during the exhibition time the gallery commission is 20% from the final price. The artist should inform the gallery, at the beginning of the exhibition, if the works are for sale and to provide a list of prices.

The artist agrees to take all the works back from LABORNA Gallery space, after the exhibition, in a term of 3 days, and leave the space in good condition, without any damages. After these 3 days LABORNA Gallery is no longer responsible of the works, the responsibility is exclusively the artist due.

The artist who win SCARA/ The Ladder art competition agrees to assign the author rights for the images of the works in the gallery space to LABORNA Gallery without any costs, on unlimited time, and the right to reproduce the artists images for free.

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